Single Tile


Double Tile


•    Recycled polypropylene tiles

•    UK manufactured

•    Synseal logo branded

•    Easy to fit

•    Secure fixing

•    25 year Warranty

•    BRE tested by GSPC Ltd

•    BBA accredited by GSPC Ltd


Envirotile external roofing components are injection moulded to Synseal’s exact specifications from 100% recycled polypropylene by specialist suppliers Green Sustainable Products Company Ltd. A flat, precision manufactured, lightweight roof tile with excellent green credentials, the Synseal Envirotile has a low profile chamfered front-leading edge with a slight riven finish, which is aesthetically pleasing in all aspects. Each single Envirotile is 12mm in thickness, weighing just 610 grams with measurements of 325mm W x 365mm H and is extremely simple to fix yet performs exceptionally, securely locking into adjacent tiles to form a quick-fitting and fully integrated roof covering.

Synseal Envirotiles are available in a choice of 3 popular and appealing colours:
o    Black (standard)
o    Brown (option)
o    Terracotta (option)

 The interlocking Synseal Envirotiles are self-draining, self-ventilating and branded with the Synseal logo for ease of identification.  The single or double Envirotiles are easy to handle and cut on site for a precision finish at concealed hip or valley roof edge intersections.

A single mechanical fixing point at the head in addition to the innovative interlocking design ensures that Synseal Envirotiles are securely fitted and ready to withstand both wind and weather.

Envirotiles are 80% lighter than standard concrete tiles, weighing just 8.4kg per square metre in contrast with cement or natural slate roof tile products that typically weigh 50 kg per square metre.

In addition to single and double roof tiles, the Synseal Envirotile range includes an elevated and interlocking ventilated ridge cap, radius end/apex cover, hip, hip end cap, gable end cap, dry verge, tile starter trim and push-fit screw cap cover to ensure a high quality aesthetic finish for each Celsius solid roof.



Ridge Cap (Ventilated)


Radius End Cap / Apex Cover


Hip and Hip End Cap Assembly



Gable End Cap

Gable End Cap and Ridge Assembly


Dry Verge

Tile Starter Trim

Screw Cap Cover



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