Gable conservatory designs provides a satisfyingly high internal ceiling height to give an added sense of grandeur and space. Installations can span up to 6 metres in width to deliver a
truly spacious extension. Consisting of pitched sides and distinguishable by its elevated flat-faced frontage, Gable style conservatories look sensational when fitted with a Celsius Solid Roof.

Contemporary and airy

With its Black tiled roof, this 4m x 5m gabled style extension is both airy and cosy. The high ceiling, glazing right to the ridge on the front face coupled with the dwarf wall, help to maximise the use of space within the extension.

This modern open living space is welcoming to guests and ensures a grand setting for dining, while still being an integral part of the house. The convenient adjacent kitchen area ensures that the hosts can carry on entertaining their guests, even when not seated at the dinner table. Two VELUX roof windows, situated either side of the ridge, are both an attractive feature and a practical design addition, providing some flexible ventilation during warm Summer months. Feature lighting has been suspended from the ridge apex - an optional design feature available with Celsius Solid Roof, and provides a focal point to this grand living space.


Maximum Projection / Width (0.6 kN/m²)

Gable 5.4m (width)


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