The lean-to is an ever-popular British conservatory style, with a pleasing simplicity to its design providing a spacious and practical building extension solution. Commonly fitted to bungalows lean-to conservatories can be installed with a range of roof pitches from as low as 12.5˚ right up to 35˚.


Urban living

The addition of a lean-to extension measuring 5m x 3m to this terraced townhouse is the perfect solution for urban living.

With a choice of full height window frames to ensure the homeowner fully benefits from external light, this installation offers many of the benefits of a conservatory (light weight, fast installation) whilst avoiding some of the inconveniences of a full extension project (higher cost, lengthy building work disruptions).

Used as a kitchen, this room has become the hub of the home, an ideal place to bring the family together as the sun starts to set in the early evening. The use of large double doors / bi-folds will transform the room on those days where – weather allowing – they can be fully opened, blending the outside and inside into one beautiful entertainment area.



Maximum Projection / Width (0.6 kN/m2)


12.5° = 4036mm (projection)

15°    = 4016mm (projection)

20°    = 3960mm (projection)

30°    = 3797mm (projection)

35°    = 3689mm (projection)




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