The Celsius Solid Roof is constructed using Kingspan TEK Building System SIPS panels. This proven method of warm roof construction eliminates many of the issues that face aluminium skeleton based solutions, as cold bridging has been designed out from inception. Utilising Synseal’s installation experience, Celsius Solid Roof has been designed to go together easily on-site and help installers
deliver a first class, thermally efficient roof in the minimum of time.

Unlike rival systems which employ aluminium rafters, aluminium ridge beams, aluminium eaves ring beams, aluminium valleys and aluminium box gutters similar in design to glazed conservatory roofs, Celsius Solid Roof is a truly warm roof, featuring all timber construction without any metallic ‘cold spots’.

Synseal Celsius Solid Roof


Competitor Roofs

  • All timber construction
  • No aluminium
  • No chance of condensation build-up
  • Proven technology
  • Quick & easy to install
  • High quality materials guaranteed
  • Aluminium skeleton
  • Risk of cold bridging
  • Risk of condensation build-up
  • Performance reliant on skill of installer and the quality of materials used
Note: Timber conductivity  = 0.16W/mK
Note: Aluminium conductivity = 160W/mK




Analysis of Celsius solid roof versus a generic timber roof and two leading solid roof competitive offerings shows that Celsius performs well in terms of material cost, installed aesthetic appeal, speed of installation, reduced complexity of fitting and whole roof thermal insulation with all-timber construction.
*Lead time rating is based on logistics during the initial launch phase of Celsius solid roof.  It is anticipated that during the secondary launch phase, full-scale Synseal solid roof production volumes will reduce supply partner component lead times and yield an improved rating.

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