Celsius solid roof features a structural array of eaves timbers, wall-plate timbers, eaves fillet timbers, ridge timbers, rafter and butt joints, in addition to  hip timbers for Victorian and Georgian designs, which are square cut or mitre cut as required to construct a purpose-built framework for the interlocking SIPs, tailored for specific project requirements.

  • Synseal’s Celsius solid roof system is comprised of 9 standard timber sections
  • Sections are machined from C24 construction grade structural timber (German white wood)
  • Standard timber sections are used to form both Ridge and Hip components
  • These are bonded with timber adhesive and mechanically fixed in the factory, then cut to length to suit each individual project

For over twenty three years, Rapierstar has led the market in the design development and supply of technically advanced fixings


The mechanical fixings at the heart of Celsius sold roof’s timber construction are Rapierstar low torque stainless steel universal woodscrews which are specially engineered to reduce wood splitting.  These high quality components feature a unique StarformTM thread for quicker screw penetration with no additional drilling of pilot holes required.


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